Your right to privacy is the starting point for Suc6! Recruitment.
Your data will be treated confidentially by us and will only be used for recruitment and selection purposes. Suc6! Recruitment will under no circumstances divulge information to third parties. By submitting the job application form and uploading your CV, you agree that your personal information will be processed by Suc6! Recruitment and included in our database.

On this page Suc6! Recruitment & Interim Solution's "Privacy Policy" is described in further detail.

1. Who is Suc6! Recruitment?
Suc6! Recruitment gathers the personal data which you have submitted and uses this information to help you get in touch with potential employers, so that you can be matched to one or more vacancies. Suc6! Recruitment is located at Celcius weg 32-58, 5928 PR Venlo, and is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 56143079.

2. Which information is gathered and processed by Suc6! Recruitment?
To make use of the services offered by Suc6! Recruitment and Interim Solutions, you must set up a personal profile. When setting up this profile, you will have to enter some personal information.
After entering this information, a profile is automatically created. This profile contains the data you entered when creating the profile.

3. For which purposes will Suc6! Recruitment use your data?
Suc6! Recruitment will use your data for the following purposes:
To provide a service to you, e.g., mediation for finding a new job.
To send information to you regarding Suc6! Recruitment's own services via newsletters.
Suc6! Recruitment will not provide your personal data to third parties for any purpose.
The only exception would be when they are obliged to provide information based on legal provisions, they are forced to do so because of a lawsuit, and/or if they deem this necessary to protect their own rights.

4.How does Suc6! Recruitment protect your personal information?
Suc6! Recruitment will process your personal data in a proper and careful manner, in accordance with the law.
The way Suc6! Recruitment operates requires you to enter the data with an asterisk (*) after it. It is not mandatory to fill in the data without an asterisk (*) after it.
Suc6! Recruitment will take suitable technical and organizational measures to guard your personal information from theft or against any unauthorized use.
Suc6! Recruitment Interim & Solutions will not store personal data longer than necessary.

5. Access to and correcting your data
You can view or correct (the processing of) your personal data at any time. You will have to log into your own profile for this. Any changes can be made there.
When it comes to personal information which cannot be found in your profile, for example an IP-address, you can freely and intermittently request Suc6! Recruitment & Interim Solutions to inform you if your personal data is being processed.
When you no longer or do wish to receive information from Suc6! Recruitment, you can change your preferences by logging into your profile and changing the settings.

6. Until what extent can Suc6! Recruitment be held accountable?
This Privacy Policy relates only to personal data received via the website The website may also contain links to third party websites. Suc6! Recruitment does not accept any responsibility or liability for (the operation and/or content of) of third-party websites or services.

7. Can this Privacy Policy be changed?
This Privacy Policy can be changed. These changes will be communicated on our website.

8. Questions?
Should you have any questions about this Privacy Policy? Please send an email to

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